First Day in Puerto Cortes, Honduras

We left our houses from the church this morning at 2 am, and we arrived here in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, at2 this afternoon. The country is beautiful. It reminds me some of Northern Asutralia with its very flat plains and very high mountains. We went swimming in the Carribean as soon as we got to the hotel.
As I stood on the shore I was reminded that God chose and planned for Honduras and its people. He only wants the best for them, and maybe my coming here is part of that. But I will not think highly of myself. I can not. God thought that I needed to be born and rasied where I was, just as much as the people here. I can not see myself as blessed without thinking the same about them.
Guide me, Father, into Your plan while I am here. Do not allow me, Father, to get caught up in myself and tricked into thinking this trip here is solely about me and my growth as a Christian. Guide me into You and into Your praise, the only truly glorious thing I can ever do with my life.


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