a total misappropriation of lyrics

So, I’m up to 8 miles as of this morning. My pace is a little slow, but I blame the humidity.. whew was it bad today. Iwas listening to my iPod when one of my friend Luke’s songs came through, Melancholy. Though I’m sure I’ll hear how I am not getting the point of the song, I was struck by two thoughts as I listened:

a) my love for Christ may one day kill me. My anticipation and my longing for things unseen, my hopefulness to please and live my life satisifed in Him will one day kill me.

b) I am really not leaning toward taking pictures of myself with the kids in Honduras. I want it to be some sick souvenir so I can moan about how poor and desperate they are down there. Theya re blessed, and they were placed in Honduras because God knew that they are probably a lot stronger than me. We’ll see if I last the week.

Currently reading :
Les Misérables (Signet Classics)
By Victor Hugo
Release date: 03 March, 1987

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