I’m a 28 y.o. in love with a ficional character

So, there are two days left before the last Harry Potter book comes out… and yes, I will be making an appearance at Borders on friday night. My sister Kyleigh and I will be standing in line with all the other 12-50 yr olds… but the 30-50 will be with their kids. Mine aren’t old enough to read on their own yet, and Kyleigh is still playing the single cards. And there I’ll be, defending my place in line against kids probably dressed like Hermione, or Ron, and babies dressed like Norbert. Ands there I’ll be, Muggled up and all. Not sure, though if I’ll finish the book in one night. I do have a marathon to run coming up and I am still in endurance and persevernace mode.

Could I be too old for this?

Currently listening :
Our Love to Admire
By Interpol
Release date: 10 July, 2007

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