the ends

For the ends of Being and the Ideal Grace… it would seem that this is love, right? To reach higher than we are, and behold more than who we are and to long, to want, beyond ourselves. Adn this is found in the converstaions I have with friends, and co-workers. It seems so others focused, but I question whether it is. Be casue when we have reached to such great heights, where can we go but down? Or to struggle for to remain and stagnate.
And these are the words of Christ, that no greater love has any man than this, but to lay down his life for a friend. The ultimate height and expression of love is seen in how much you are willing to kill of yourself to see it in true reality.
So I remind myself, with a little help from Lewis, that my crown, the crown of husbanhood, is a crown of thorns, and it is no less dignified because it is the same as Christ’s. And I am reminded by Piper that Marriage, both secular and chirtsian, both religious and non, is sacred and it is sostring a commitment, only natural death can break those bonds.

Currently listening :
Our Love to Admire
By Interpol
Release date: 10 July, 2007

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