a thought while walking outside Messiah

It is getting progressively colder. No, I’m not surprised. I’ve lived in Harrisburg most of my life and I know it does get cold in the winter. But this year kinda surprised me. Because it is so cold. I was just getting used to the idea of being warm, when first came a storm and then came fall.

Pennsylvania is very pretty in the fall. We get these wonderful colours and the trees look awesome. Who knew all those colours were just hiddden in there? Messiah looks great this time of year. If you’re going to have a wedding there, do it in the fall, the rest of the yera is too muggy and bug infested and ugly when you’ve seen Messiah in the fall.

But here’s something that kinda hit me in the face while I was walking to my car/locker from calls on friday. We often view fall and autumn as death, as the earth dying, and we look forward to the spring becasue we and the earth can lvie again. I’m not beginning to see that this is false. The earth is not dying and we shouldn;t have to suffer through winter. Instead, if God is trying to teach us anything through the cycles of the Earth, couldn;t it be that this little time of fasting the trees take, and this little time of frost is somethign that helps the Earth? Would it be possible to say that Christ’s words on the cross, “It is finished”, be appropriate for this time of year? Christ was alluding to Psalm 22, in which his death is figured as harsh adn cruel, but necessary and hopeful. It is through His action that the Earth can be truly free to search, knock, and prayer to God.

I do not think we are supposed to suffer through winter anymore than we are to suffer on friday and saturday fo teh Easter holiday. We know what happens in the spring justa s much as we know what happened that wonderful sunday morning some 2,000 years ago. God is showing us that He is faithful and we need to look hopeful to Him.

But this is what I gathered from my fall.


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